Ambitious Ales is a microbrewery that aims to build community by providing unique beer that brings people together and a tasting room that is a hub of community engagement. 


Our brewery is the creative expression and passionate work of 5 friends who seek to build upon the success of the craft beer community. Our journey into the world of craft beer was built on friendship and strengthened by the support of our family and friends. We have witnessed the power this craft has to bring people together and we aim to use it as a way to connect our community. 


Our approach to brewing is grounded in our value as a company to push the boundaries. We reinvent classic beer styles with unique ingredients that engage craft beer enthusiasts and those new to craft beer. 


We have chosen to open our brewery in a 71 year-old building in the beautiful community of Bixby Knolls. The building has an iconic reputation in the community that we plan to build upon. It was important to choose the right location because community is the foundation of our business.  Breweries dating back to colonial America were gathering places where people would strengthen relationships, discuss ideas and promote community agendas. Ambitious Ales aims to reestablish the historical role of a brewery as a social connector and community asset.  We don’t just want to operate IN the community; we want to operate WITH the community.






4019 Atlantic Ave
Long Beach, CA 90807


FRI 3-10PM
SAT 12-10PM
SUN 12-8PM